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Aviation Capabilities

IFR » The ability to fly through clouds and limited visibility.  Trained, licensed, equipped to fly when others can’t.  Instrument Flight Rules capable when VFR (visual flight rules) prohibit flying.

NVG » The ability to see in the dark, like daylight!  Makes difficult landing zones safer and more accessible.  Night Vision Goggles for pilots and crew.

GPS Approaches » FAA certified safe pathways into hospitals and landing zones when clouds are low.  STAT developed and owns 60+ approaches; more than any other air medical program in the world.

Twin Turbine Engines » Two engines with redundant hydraulic, electric and fuel supply systems for greater safety.

Color Wx Radar » In-cockpit weather display allows the pilot to see and avoid hazardous weather.

TCAS » Warns the pilot of nearby aircraft; allows pilot to take evasive action before a collision threat.  Traffic Collision Avoidance System – state-of-the-art technology for safe flying.

EGPWS » Warns the pilot of approaching obstacles and terrain – the leading cause of non-mechanical accidents.  Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems – state-of-the-art technology for safe flying.

Getting there safely when others cannot – that is the STAT MedEvac difference!