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Ground Division

STAT MedEvac now helps you transfer patients quickly and safely on the ground! STAT MedEvac can provide the following services:

» Critical Care Nurses
Qualified, experienced, and certified prehospital providers can perform advanced patient management interventions if needed.

» Bedside-to-Bedside Care
STAT MedEvac will facilitate all transport and destination arrangements.

» Emergent or Scheduled Transports Using Your Region’s Ambulance Service
STAT MedEvac is ready to transport all types of patients: emergency, critical care, ventilator-dependent or sub-acute.

» Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency
STAT MedEvac is ready to respond promptly without a charge to your hospital.

» Patient Follow-Up
Each transport is concluded with a phone call and a letter to inform you of your patient’s status.

To Request A Ground Transport, Call: 1-800-633-7828